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2018: Looking Back

New Year’s resolutions have never made sense to me. Just as you’re starting to reflect on the past year, and you finally having some time off at home with loved ones, suddenly you have to throw in some brand new thing that you’re going to change completely about yourself? That sounds like added stress just when you’ve started to relax. Who needs that?

Instead of altering myself, I’m going to do something that I think is way harder: admit weakness. So, here goes:


This past year was incredible. And incredibly hard. We expanded Listed Treasures into a real company, with a new website, a new team of employees, and a real payroll. I am so proud of how this company evolved in 2018. It was risky, and scary, and luckily, so far, it’s worked. (Don’t worry, I’m not getting braggy—the weakness is coming!)

But big risks take a toll. They never mention the toll in business magazines, do they? When they tell the story of how a company grew, they never talk about how difficult it was for the managers and staff to maintain existing friendships. They don’t talk about how hard it is to make personal connections with new colleagues or clients when you really need to zip to the next meeting. And, if you’re a parent, there is the loss of time and focus on your kids.

I also know I have sidelined friends and family throughout this past year. I regret that. It’s a hard thing to admit. I have new employees I want to get to know better. They work really hard for me, and I value them.

Uh-oh, this sounds like resolution

So maybe I am making a resolution? Now that the new website is up and flourishing (seriously, it’s so easy to use now!), and we’ve hired a team of people I can rely on, perhaps now is the time to take my weakness, acknowledge it, and deal with it. I’m going to continue to grow Listed Treasures, but at the heart of the company is the mission to make people feel valued. I have to walk the walk, spend more time with my clients, take my employees out for coffee, and really listen to my kids when they talk to me. I have to be the one to pick up the phone and call my friends, just to say hello.

I guess I’m resolving to reach out more. And I have a hunch that the more I do it, the more I’ll want to do it. Because connecting with someone else is what life is all about.

So, who’s free for coffee and a cake pop this afternoon?