Salt n’ Pepper

If you’ve been following LTC for any amount of time, we hope you know that community giveback is a huge part of who we are. We know that life can throw some super sticky messes at some really great people. Even more, we know that we are blessed with a great buyer base who always jump on board when we ring the bell. For this sale, we are ringing the bell for a hardworking, single mom, who has become a champion at staying rock solid when life throws some nasty punches. For this particular sale, we are going to send 100% of the sale proceeds back to the client!  In order to protect our client’s privacy, we are doing delivery only!  Don’t be afraid to spend some dough on this one, it will soften the blows for this mama, and help her through a tough transition feeling a little less alone.

And when we say “Salt n’ Pepper,” no, we’re not talking about metaphors for graying hair, we’re talking literal salt and pepper shakers! Collector shakers! Crystal shakers! Shakers that will kick start conversation at your next dinner party (not that anyone needs to season your food). This treasure trove is full of whimsy and fun, with games galore and toys and tools for days. Did someone say holiday shopping completed in October? The sale kicks off at 8PM on Friday, October 25.

Delivery and Shipping Only.


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Items for Sale