Memory Medley

Last Christmas, I got a call about a home that needed to be cleared quickly. The stars had lined up for me and I had a small patch of unexpected space just open up and jumped on it! I was like a kid in a candy store! If you lived at Luckett’s market, that’s what this place feels like! Every corner was full of something you might not have seen before! Each piece brought joy to my client and her family. They always say that you’d never trade the years full of joy to avoid the sadness of letting it go, and I know that is how this family feels. This sale was so popular we ran TWO waves of it!  Well, guess what?!  Here is a THIRD!  A few new things, and the final pieces to this story are ready to go!
Local pickup has already occurred. Local delivery is still available! The LTC team will reach out to you to coordinate pickup of any local pickup items. This coordination can take up to 3 weeks. Scroll down to see the details!

Items for Sale