How It Works

Your Last Move Went Like This: 

You and your family argued about who was going to purge that pile in the basement until you weren’t speaking. At least half your vintage Fiestaware arrived broken, including the discontinued pink pitcher you love. And, instead of donating or recycling old things (which you had every intention of doing) you ended up just paying a guy down the street to haul it to the dump. Disaster!

Your Next Move Will Go Like This:

You’ll keep everyone in your family on good speaking terms by calling Listed Treasures! We’ll help purge that pile, sell the items you’re ready to part with, and donate or recycle the things that don’t sell, leaving you the hero of your move!

Ready to put the joy back in your move?

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How It Works

Here’s How It Works

Step 1: Let’s Get To Know Each Other

Once you fill out the Welcome Form, a member of our team will call you to get acquainted, and we’ll schedule a walk-through of your home. This is when your Listed Treasures Advisor will come to your home to discuss your moving plans, get a rough idea of the resale and disposal inventory, and discuss service package and pricing options. (This is when you sigh and think, “It’s all going to be okay.”)

Step 2: What’s Staying & What’s Going

The sorting process begins with a walkthrough of your home. We do this together! As you indicate which items are moving with you and which Listed Treasures will take care of, your Listed Treasures Advisor will begin separating or labeling the items for disposal. The Listed Treasures team will photograph and inventory all items, creating a catalog of items for resale via auction, consignment, or other means. Our experts will conduct all research on the value of all furniture and/or household items designated for resale. You’ll have an opportunity to review and sign off on the final inventory list before the resale process begins.

Sorting and cataloging are done on-site in your home. Access to the property and space to accomplish sorting is the clients’ responsibility.

Step 3: Selling and Disposing

Your Listed Treasures Team will take care of item pick-ups, donations, and removal/recycling/disposal of unsold items. We maintain business relationships with several other small businesses and agencies that look for specific items; certain catalog Items may be sold to these groups before any public posting of items.

Pick-up of all sold items is arranged as a managed, orderly, one day event that will take place at your home. Following the pick-up day, we’ll arrange for donations to local charities and organizations, as well as a final hauling away of any remaining items.

Step 4: Close Out!

Once the project is complete, you’ll receive a settlement statement detailing all costs incurred, including your initial retainer fee and charges for all labor hours. The statement will also detail the final resale value for all items. You’ll receive a check for the remaining balance, along with donation receipts from any charitable organizations that received your items.