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Practicing Gratitude

Sometimes I feel kind of inundated with social media ideas on how to infuse my life with gratitude. But how exactly do I do this?

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As Thanksgiving is coming, I’m trying something new. I’m going to verbally thank one person who made a huge difference in my life. This person is a regular, everyday hero, and there are so many like him.

I had a mentor who appeared in my life right when you need one most.  In high school, I got cut all three years of middle school and freshman year of high school volleyball all by the same coach. Being a teenage girl is hard, and volleyball was something that made me feel good about myself. But it was demoralizing to be consistently left off the team.

Just as I was about to give up for good, a coach named Tracy came into my life. He seemed to think I had great potential. He believed in me, and coached me to be a better player. Tracy also forced me to toughen up a bit, and to understand that hard lessons often build character.

By his example, I learned leadership skills, and would demonstrate enthusiasm and support to my team, even when I didn’t have much faith in even myself.  I ended up playing volleyball in college on a scholarship and I credit him for that. And not just that, playing volleyball in college set me on a course in life where I coached, ran a volleyball club, traveled with it, and eventually met my husband who was also a coach. And now we have two amazing children. None of that would have happened and my whole life course would have changed if Tracy hadn’t believed in me.

Thanks Coach!

So I’m going to take this moment to say thank you to Tracy. I’m doing it here on this blog and I’m going to call him, too, so he hears me say it verbally. He’ll hear all about Listed Treasures, and this supportive community we’re creating together. I’m going to tell him I’m still striving to be the leader, on and off the volleyball court, that he taught me to be.

When I go into people’s homes for Listed Treasures, I try to be the kind of person the owners would send a thank you like this to. Sometimes things don’t go perfectly with this job, and I take it personally. I try to remember that Tracy would want me to see the good even in the bad. I’m hoping, through my daily interactions with my customers and clients, that maybe I could be someone’s Tracy.

Gratitude can feel like a big endeavor, but when I boil it down to one person, offering those two words, it feels easy. It feels good.

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