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Moms Get It Done

As if life wasn’t busy enough, my husband and I decided we wanted to move to be closer to family in the DC-area. We also knew the schools in Northern Virginia would offer a lot to our young children. So, we packed up the family, and moved seven hours away from our beloved Tennessee. My husband had several job offers, and picked one that seemed like a dream job. But two days after arriving, that job fell through, and we were left scrambling.

I was trained in early childhood education, but I struggled with putting my small kids into daycare so I could go back to work as a Preschool teacher. I would be working full time, only to turn that paycheck around to pay for my own children’s care. I knew I needed to find a way to use my talents to generate an income, but also be around to be a mom. To supplement my family’s income, I began to help friends in real estate to pack up for moves and get houses ready to sell. We had moved a lot, and I was really good at it! I loved going to people’s houses and learning their stories. Once, an owner left some items behind she no longer wanted, and on a whim, I snapped a photo and sold it on Facebook. This happened more and more, and pretty soon it seemed like I had a full-fledged business!

As Listed Treasures has grown, I have one child in school and pay for partial childcare for my younger child. I have the flexibility to be home for nap times and to be around for after-school care. By creating and growing my business my way, I’ve been able to be my own boss and still be a Mom. So even if my life looks messy, and the dog is barking, and there are wet kids’ art projects on the coffee table, I’m pretty proud of it.

But I certainly didn’t–and don’t—do it alone! I have to credit the support of other Momtrepreneurs for helping get me started–especially and including the ladies at Play, Work Or Dash, a work share space that also includes childcare, so working parents like me can continue to grow their home-based businesses on site or dashing off to a meeting. I could not have done it without them.

Are you a Momtrepeneur? Let’s connect! 

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