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Interview a Mom!

Mother’s Day is approaching, and it seems like an obvious time to talk about motherhood. Although, every day of my life is about motherhood. Like most moms I know, every business decision, every social event, every endeavor is tied to being a mother. It’s that integral to our identities. And yet, talking and writing about motherhood is really difficult.

The struggle, as always for me, is about how much time I work vs. how much time I’m with my kids. I feel like I’m shortchanging both, almost all of the time. Another Listed Treasures Mom said we should stop calling it work/life balance, and start calling it what it really is: a juggling act. Keeping everything, and everyone, afloat at all times, coupled with the fear of dropping something, is so exhausting. It’s hard to remember to put everything down, assess what all is in my hands, and give myself credit for even attempting the juggle.

I started to think about how I struggle with motherhood, and how I can feel guilt, pride, joy, and, yes, resentment, all from the same role.

A friend suggested I put together a Mother’s Day fill-in-the-blank, sort of like a MadLib. I found the questions made it easier to think about what being a mom means to me.

Would you please fill it out, too? I would love to hear about your experience as a parent–dads, too! Maybe if we share these answers, it will get less difficult to talk about this big part of our identities. And, we can celebrate each other more! Mother’s Day isn’t just for my kids to make me breakfast and homemade gifts (though that’s really nice). It’s also for me to celebrate the other mothers in my life, my business, my community.

So, print out this blog and take the following questions with you to your next book club or girls-night-out. Ask your friends with kids these questions. And listen to your mom friends. Really listen. I’m listening, too.

Here are the questions and my responses:

1) What did you think motherhood would be like vs. what it really turned out to be?

I saw myself as a football mom with a bunch of rowdy boys on some sort of field every day.  I saw myself as the “hot mess” mom type which actually came true, because that’s been me all along.  That I ended up raising two little girls has been the biggest and best joke the universe ever played on me and I’d never change it for anything.

2) What’s the hardest thing about being a mom? Easiest?

The hardest is having to be the bad guy when I know it’s for their own good.  My girls are super good kids so coming down on them stinks, but it is necessary at times.  Also, being attentive when I’m just plain exhausted. The easiest…..well, I don’t think there is much that’s easy, but when they wrap their little arms around my neck or find heart-shaped things and hand them to me for the hell of it, it makes it feel easy.

3) Complete these sentences:

I’m proudest of myself as a mom when...other parents compliment their behavior or character.

I’m proudest of my kids when they….do hard things, or choose the right thing under pressure when no one is looking.

I want my kids to understand that I am….trying as hard as I can.

I try to make our home safe so that my kids can feel secure to be themselves, ask questions, and seek our help navigating through life.

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Moms Get It Done

As if life wasn’t busy enough, my husband and I decided we wanted to move to be closer to family in the DC-area. We also knew the schools in Northern Virginia would offer a lot to our young children. So, we packed up the family, and moved seven hours away from our beloved Tennessee. My husband had several job offers, and picked one that seemed like a dream job. But two days after arriving, that job fell through, and we were left scrambling.

I was trained in early childhood education, but I struggled with putting my small kids into daycare so I could go back to work as a Preschool teacher. I would be working full time, only to turn that paycheck around to pay for my own children’s care. I knew I needed to find a way to use my talents to generate an income, but also be around to be a mom. To supplement my family’s income, I began to help friends in real estate to pack up for moves and get houses ready to sell. We had moved a lot, and I was really good at it! I loved going to people’s houses and learning their stories. Once, an owner left some items behind she no longer wanted, and on a whim, I snapped a photo and sold it on Facebook. This happened more and more, and pretty soon it seemed like I had a full-fledged business!

As Listed Treasures has grown, I have one child in school and pay for partial childcare for my younger child. I have the flexibility to be home for nap times and to be around for after-school care. By creating and growing my business my way, I’ve been able to be my own boss and still be a Mom. So even if my life looks messy, and the dog is barking, and there are wet kids’ art projects on the coffee table, I’m pretty proud of it.

But I certainly didn’t–and don’t—do it alone! I have to credit the support of other Momtrepreneurs for helping get me started–especially and including the ladies at Play, Work Or Dash, a work share space that also includes childcare, so working parents like me can continue to grow their home-based businesses on site or dashing off to a meeting. I could not have done it without them.

Are you a Momtrepeneur? Let’s connect! 

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What’s New for Listed Treasures Buyers

We heard your suggestions and feedback and created an entirely new way of searching for and purchasing our great finds!

As of September 2018, all items for sale will be listed on the Listed Treasures website, rather than Facebook. This transition enables us post more items in less time, and include better photos and more details about the items. This will allow you to search our treasures by property, geographic location, or item category.

Looking for an end table in Fairfax? Want to see all the kitchenware for sale in a particular home? You can now filter your searches.

We’ll be rolling out other services including features item auctions, monthly jewelry auctions and VIP member access later this fall.

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Coming Soon….A New Listed Treasures!

Welcome to Listed Treasures 2.0. We’ve been working all summer to update our website and business model to make sure your experience with us is as friendly, easy, and efficient as possible. We’ve added some exciting new features, updated the information about our services, and expanded our capacity so we can now manage multiple sales at once.

Within the next few weeks we’ll launch the Listed Treasures blog, which will feature:

  • Stories of some of our most interesting homes and items
  • Profiles of our charity partners and upcoming volunteer opportunities
  • Updates from Gifted Treasures and the Volunteer Brigade
  • Links to useful articles about valuation of antiques and collectables
  • Tips on reusing and recycling common household items
  • And much more!

In the meantime, take a look around the new site and let us know what you think!