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We’re Back!!!

Hey Party People!

Cue Kool and The Gang because it’s time to celebrate! Yes, it’s time to walk into the proverbial ballroom where the Listed Treasures family reunion is already in motion, throw your arms around your long-lost Listed Treasures cousins, kick off your shoes and DANCE!

Okay, we can’t actually hug yet, and indoor dance-a-thons are still a no-no, but Listed Treasures is starting back up! So bring your good cheer, and your laughter too, we’re gonna share our ecstatic sales with you. We’ll do it in phases, according to state regulations, and everything will be joyful and safe. Here’s what the party will look like:

  • Appetizers: Think of this first phase as a light course to help ease our staff back into the swing of things.  During this period, we’re focusing on serving our loyal clients who stuck by us during the shutdown. But did you try the coconut shrimp skewers? See, there’s still fun during the appetizers, like sales on select items, offered only on Facebook Marketplace! 

*Insider Appetizer Party Tip: Our first post-COVID sale is up now! If you haven’t already, go shop Viva Italia!

  • Main Course: Everyone wants to dig into the extraordinary buffet the aunties put together, but first we have to make sure we’re addressing safety.  So while you grab your plate and wait behind the little cousins, we’re working on a plan to safely expand our services. The main course includes expanded services and accepting new clients! You can expect sale items to be moved to storage units for processing and super safe pick up. 

*Insider Main Course Tip: We know you like to go back for seconds! So during this second phase sales will be up on the website for a longer period of time, but there will be fewer sales.

  • Dessert & Dancing: There are always surprises at a family reunion! Katy isn’t announcing any details of this third phase, but it is a big and exciting step for LTC. All we can say is that you better have really comfortable dancing shoes because 2021 is going to mean BIG, FUN, CHANGES! More info to come!
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COVID-19 Update from Katy

Dear LTC Family-

For four years now, we have been the Energizer Bunny of second hand selling.  Outside of our July summer break and our Holiday Hiatus, we barely take a moment to breathe.  

Unfortunately, given the current situation with the spread of COVID-19, we are forced to take a step back and do our part to participate in social distancing in order to halt the spread of this virus.  We serve a wide spectrum of clients, many of whom are elderly, and many of my AMAZING staff (although you’d never know it) fall into the “at risk” age category. I simply cannot be responsible for putting any of them at risk.  

We are very lucky to have upcoming clients that have semi-flexible schedules, and have made some very creative adjustments to those that are less flexible.  I don’t know when we will be able to resume our sales as usual, but I will be constantly monitoring the situation and make the call when it is safe for all of those involved.  

During this, items that are currently for sale on the website ARE still available.  If you would like to purchase an item, we just ask that you PLEASE be flexible with the delivery.  

In the meantime, on a personal note, I’m asking you all to take a step back, focus on your families, connect with your kids if you have them, and find ways to safely support those in your community that may need you.  Let medical personnel know how brave, important, and appreciated they are. Buy gift cards to local small businesses online so that you can safely support them through this. And PLEASE, PLEASE, do your part and stay home.  We will be in this situation longer if we don’t. If I can be real for a second, I’m beyond grateful that I am in control of my overhead expenses and I have a better chance of coming out of this ok on the other side. My thoughts and support are behind all small business owners as we weather this storm together.

Thank you for your understanding and support.  Please keep your eyes on our social media and newsletters,  We will be staying engaged and we hope to see everyone on the other side of this.  

Stay healthy, 



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Goodbye Harrowed, Hello Halloween!

Fall got a late start, and sometimes it feels like the weather these days is reflecting the state of my home. Unpredictable, too hot, and, some days, just plain weird. And, like Mother Nature, this mama is playing catch up to bring my family into fall. Translated: we’re in a mad dash to get Halloween costumes together and throw up our motley assortment of decorations!

Let’s talk about Halloween. (Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going to be an historical analysis about the day with religious or pagan descriptions. It also isn’t going to be a tirade against candy. I’ll leave that to the dental blogs.) Love it or hate it, Halloween is approaching, and, bear with me, I believe it offers A LOT for kids and grown-ups alike. I believe it can bring out the best in us. And, if you ignore Halloween, it can make you a bitter, seething adult. 

Halloween, for me, was an opportunity to forget everything: every emotional hang-up, every deadline looming, every thought I have and just focus on fun. The fun of assembling a costume you can’t wait to put on for a party you can’t wait to get to. The fun of thinking about how that character/object speaks and will I want to speak in an accent this Halloween to be fully thematic? The fun of getting candy (I’m partial to Twix), and ripping it open to eat the first one mid-trick-or-treating. The fun of making brain-shaped Jell-O and seeing my friends’ reactions to it. The fun of looking like someone else for a day. 

But I haven’t done any of that in a long time. I’ve focused on my kids and their fun. Between running Listed Treasures and being a mom I sometimes find Halloween to be a chore. Another thing I have to do. It seems I forgot about the brain Jell-O. I stopped celebrating Halloween for me

My neighbors have reclaimed their Halloween fun. They decorate like the ghost of Vincent Price is coming to town, and throw adult get togethers in the cul-de-sac with adult beverages and Halloween-themed snacks. We recap the trick-or-treating and costume making debacles, we tell our kids “No more candy!” while we sneak Reese’s ourselves, and, most importantly, we laugh. We laugh so much. And usually, I do it all in my regular, boring jeans and sweatshirt.

Before kids, I really went all out on my costume. I have a long history of extraordinary costumes, including dressing up as early career Britney Spears. I even performed a lip sync for a gymnastics gym full of kids! I also have a tradition of dressing up like the person that invited me to the party when I do go to a Halloween party.  It’s REALLY fun to see the looks on the hosts face when they see me in character as them! I act the part too!

I haven’t dressed up in a few years. It’s been a big enough task to get my kids into the costumes of their dreams. But this year, I’m reclaiming my right to have fun on Halloween. Don’t happy parents make happy kids? And if that’s not a saying I’m going to start saying it and make it one. 

This year, I’m going to dress up. I can’t tell you what my costume will be because it’ll probably be an eleventh hour effort. But I’m making the commitment! 

Let’s reclaim Halloween and have a real night of fun for ourselves. Come on and dress up, too. Tell me your costume–or send me a pic! Happy Halloween!