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An august August

Usually the word August in Washington conjures hot, restless days. Maybe swim team is finally over, and there are a few weeks stretching before school and “real life” begin again. Maybe you’re headed for a much-needed vacation, or maybe you’re languishing, wondering what to do with your time. 

But it turns out that ‘august’ has another meaning, and that secondary one describes something or someone impressive or respected. So I gave some thought to who, or what, impresses me. Sometimes I might say I’m impressed with highly organized homes because I desperately want to have one. Or maybe it’s something embarrassingly material, something like a shiny, new car or a luxury leather chair. Those things are impressive. Sort of.

When I really took the time to write about what was impressive to me it was much more substantial than that chair. People I’m impressed by are:

  1. Those who naturally do the right thing, even when it’s not what benefits them the most.
  2. Those who remain patient, sometimes through the most trying experiences!
  3. Those who understand that they can do hard things.

After I had identified the august criteria, I thought about actual people who encompassed that. Immediately, I thought of my team! I’m regularly impressed by them.  It baffles me every day to see them work hard to learn new systems, stay on top of the sales and deliveries, and when I fuss about something, it’s obvious it means something to them to keep improving.  They remind me we are doing difficult things already, and to be patient with our own learning curve.

With the days of summer we have left, why not think about what’s impressive to you? Create your own August list of august traits and let me know what you come up with!

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