Listed Treasures is your ally before, during and after a big move. We know how overwhelming a house full of stuff can be! We research the value of your possessions, sell your furniture and household items, and assist with the hauling away of items that cannot be sold. From a partial decluttering to a whole house clear-out, our mission is to provide personal and trustworthy services.

It’s like having a friend, auctioneer, and contractor, all in one!

You care and we do too: We’re proud of our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and taking care of our community.

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Katy Petrik is living proof you can have a second act in life and it can be incredible. Katy was a preschool teacher and a busy mom. In her (minimal) free time, Katy loved to help friends sell their furniture online. She had a passion for antiques, and for researching the story behind the items. Word got out that Katy had the golden touch, and soon she was swamped with requests to help friends and family downsize from large homes to smaller ones, or to apartments. Many clients had lived in the same place for decades and just had no idea where to start. Moving is exciting, but it can also be a very stressful and emotional time. Katy saw people were ready for their second acts, but needed help getting there.

After Katy and her husband welcomed their second daughter, Katy knew that her once side-project and passion was now a full-fledged business. Listed Treasures was born!