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We’re Back!!!

Hey Party People!

Cue Kool and The Gang because it’s time to celebrate! Yes, it’s time to walk into the proverbial ballroom where the Listed Treasures family reunion is already in motion, throw your arms around your long-lost Listed Treasures cousins, kick off your shoes and DANCE!

Okay, we can’t actually hug yet, and indoor dance-a-thons are still a no-no, but Listed Treasures is starting back up! So bring your good cheer, and your laughter too, we’re gonna share our ecstatic sales with you. We’ll do it in phases, according to state regulations, and everything will be joyful and safe. Here’s what the party will look like:

  • Appetizers: Think of this first phase as a light course to help ease our staff back into the swing of things.  During this period, we’re focusing on serving our loyal clients who stuck by us during the shutdown. But did you try the coconut shrimp skewers? See, there’s still fun during the appetizers, like sales on select items, offered only on Facebook Marketplace! 

*Insider Appetizer Party Tip: Our first post-COVID sale is up now! If you haven’t already, go shop Viva Italia!

  • Main Course: Everyone wants to dig into the extraordinary buffet the aunties put together, but first we have to make sure we’re addressing safety.  So while you grab your plate and wait behind the little cousins, we’re working on a plan to safely expand our services. The main course includes expanded services and accepting new clients! You can expect sale items to be moved to storage units for processing and super safe pick up. 

*Insider Main Course Tip: We know you like to go back for seconds! So during this second phase sales will be up on the website for a longer period of time, but there will be fewer sales.

  • Dessert & Dancing: There are always surprises at a family reunion! Katy isn’t announcing any details of this third phase, but it is a big and exciting step for LTC. All we can say is that you better have really comfortable dancing shoes because 2021 is going to mean BIG, FUN, CHANGES! More info to come!